Dish | Gongyi, China, Tang dynasty (618–907), ca. 830s | © [Asian Civilisations Museum](


Object TitleDish
OriginGongyi, China
DateTang dynasty, 619–907, ca. 830s
Dimensionsdiameter 23 cm
CollectionAsian Civilisations Museum
Accession No.2011-00612
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This dish was recovered from a shipwreck discovered in 1998 just off Belitung Island on the edge of the Java Sea. The wreck contained a cargo of more than 60,000 ceramics produced in China during the Tang dynasty, as well as luxurious metalwares. Bound for Iran and Iraq, the shipment demonstrates strong commercial links between China, Southeast Asia and the Middle East. The lozenge motif is a design favoured in the Middle East.