Covered jar | Northern Vietnam, 14th century | © [Asian Civilisations Museum](

Covered jar

Object TitleCovered jar
OriginNorthern Vietnam
DateTran dynasty, 1225–1400, 14th century
Dimensionsheight 12.8 cm
CollectionAsian Civilisations Museum
Accession No.2000-01239
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Ceramics reminiscent of celadon were among the first stonewares to be produced in Mainland Southeast Asia, using kiln technologies from China that allowed ceramics to be fired at much higher temperatures. These ceramics were made at a number of sites in Vietnam along the Red River Delta during the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries, and most famously at Sawankhalok in Thailand in the fifteenth century, when they formed one of the early Thai kingdom’s crucial export commodities. Typical of high-quality celadon produced in northern Vietnam during the Tran dynasty, this jar includes moulded decorations of floral scrolls applied to the outer wall.